Privacy Policy

Who are we?

We are the entertainment providing company. We welcome our visitors to our website As the consumer or as the visitor, you need to follow our company’s privacy policy, which requires that you submit your original information and personal information.

By getting the important and personal information of yours, we can give you the services accordingly. By getting our services from our company, you are automatically accepting the privacy policy of our company. It is recommended that you should read the full privacy policy before getting the services from us.

What personal data we will get from you,

Firstly, we will get your team’s personal information by which our team can assess what type of service will be good for you. The personal information will be relevant to the person, which includes his identity information. By getting The Identity information, we can make the package, and the service is accordingly. The data you will give us will be very confidential, and we will secure it with a high-end server. The data we will gather from you will be for personal requirements, and it will not be shared with anyone. Only the administration of the website will be able to access your data. We need this information from you.

  • Job title and name
  • Any ID for offering services
  • IDs, credit card number, ATM number for Payment methodology
  • Contact number, lane/street, address, e-mail ID, or postal address.
  • Demographic information, interest, preferences, and postcode.

By giving them personal and relevant information related to you, you agree with our privacy policy. We guarantee that we will be able to secure your important data for eternity. The data we are collecting from you will be available to you 24/7, and if you want to edit the data, you can do it without any Restriction. If you agree with our privacy policy, you must share your personal information, and if you are in contract with us, you should follow our privacy policy. If in the future you want to cancel the contract that there is no restriction on you.


Our privacy policy is here to give you information about our company’s policy related to our website’s comment. Our spam detection service will detect the IP address and the fake IDs to comment on Our website. Only the authentic ID will be allowed to post a comment, and their profile information will be visible on the website.


Because our website is related to the entertainment industry, including the health category, you can post the relevant information on our website without any restriction; it is recommended that when you are uploading the picture on our website, you should do it with a secure extension. Some of the users want to access the location of the picture. That is why it is recommended that you are using the GPS-free image on our website.

Contact Forms

We have made the contact form by which you can contact our team anytime. WordPress doesn’t have a dedicated contact form that is why the third-party plugin will be used. We will keep your personal information for some time, but we will not take it for marketing purposes.


If someone leaves a comment on our website or access the website, they can save the cookies on our website for future access. By saving the cookies, you will not need to submit the form repeatedly about your personal information.

When you log in, we will keep that data for at least two days, and after that, we can delete it. If you post the article on our website, then the additional cookies will be saved in your browser. It will not show your personal information, but only The Identity of the profile submitted to the article.

Who we share your data with?

We will share your personal information with the cloud websites and the third parties who will give you the services related to you. If you want to edit your profile or change your password, your IP address will be linked to your new email address.

How long we retain your data?

If you post the comment on our website, we will have it on our website for an indefinite time. If, for instance, you want to edit the personal information of yours then you are allowed to do that, but you will not be able to delete the personal information till you request us officially. Only the administration of the website will be able to see and access your data and will be able to change it if recommended.

What rights you have over your data?

The rights of the visitor are many when it comes to our website. In our privacy policy, we are allowing the visitor to delete the data if he requires it. If you want, you can ask us to give you the exported data about your personal information. You can also ask that we delete your personal information from our catalog. We will not be getting the information about your identity for misuse, but it is only for giving you the relevant information and services.

Contact information

On our website, we have given the contact form by which you can contact our team 24/7. The team can assist you with the services you require and any other problem you have. You must agree that the contact form for the privacy concerns.

How do we protect your data?

We are working under the law by which it is our responsibility to protect the visitor’s data. As per the CCPA, the California Consumer Privacy Act, We will encrypt your important data and give you the two-factor authentication services for your data’s advanced security.

Our team is professionally trained in getting the data and securing it, and they have the essential tools and the experience to accommodate that need.

We will try our best to secure your data a hundred percent, but it is not guaranteed that all the data will be secured. The administration of our website is allowed to change the rules anytime they want without any prior information. If you are in contact with our company, it is obligatory for you to follow our company’s privacy policy. The privacy policy is very important for the company because you can remove the hassles about the contract in the future under the law.

By agreeing with our privacy policy, you will contact us to get the services under the law. We will make sure that you are getting the best services according to you. That is why we have got the personal information of you. Afterward, it is your responsibility to follow the privacy policy of our company without making any mistakes.